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  •  We have been spending quite a bit of time over the past few months talking to CIOs, along with Citrix, looking at the consumerization of IT and the challenges and opportunities of BYOD. The discussions suggest that our interpretation and approach meets the needs of the market.


     The executives told us that BYOD is a key issue for many organizations – across all sectors and geographies – and while the specific issues may vary, the general consensus is clear: BYOD is something to embrace and be proactive about.  Yes, there are risks around security, compliance, privacy and keeping control of the organization’s data but there is significant “upside” to be had in terms of improved productivity, user experience and attracting and retaining new, young talent.  There is also the very real issue of senior Executives expecting to use their “shiny” new tablets on the corporate network!


     All this plays well to Fujitsu’s approach to BYOD as we take a business and not a technology perspective.  Our focus is on helping deliver a BYOD initiative that suits your organization, something we achieve through a consulting service that is backed by the managed services needed to deliver desktop and application virtualization and Mobile Device Management (MDM).


    Interestingly, with the recent purchase of Zenprise by Citrix, both our desktop virtualization and MDM solutions are now underpinned by Citrix technology.  For Virtual Client Services (VCS) we use XenDesktop and for Managed Mobile we use XenMobile MDM Edition (which is part of the Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle – a comprehensive solution to enable strategic mobility initiatives).  So we are expecting to drive even greater synergies in the future.


    If you want to know more about our approach to BYOD you can read more here, download our brochure and watch our videos on how to “manage the user not the device” and “Improve employee’s productivity”.